Marble was formed to leverage fintech to bring socially responsible lending practices to a wide audience of qualified residents of Canada – specifically, individuals whose poor credit rating makes it difficult to access traditional sources of financing such as banks, credit unions and trusts companies. A poor credit score can limit an individual’s ability to not only secure credit cards or bank accounts but can also make it difficult for people to get a mortgage, buy a car, rent an apartment, or other such activities. It can take a very short period of time for someone to damage their credit score and the results of these actions can have long-term implications – up to seven years.

Marble has developed a one-stop online lending and credit rebuilding solution by combining its proprietary, scalable, loan application and debt management platform (the “Marble Platform”) with a fund management business model for discharging of Consumer Proposals and credit rebuilding. Marble’s focus is the credit rebuilding space, specifically working with consumers who have entered into a consumer proposal as a solution to manage their debt levels. Marble differentiates itself from other online/mobile or debt settlement companies operating in Canada by focusing on customers who have completed a government regulated debt settlement process by filing a Consumer Proposal through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to settle their debt obligations and are interested in a proactive credit rebuilding strategy in order to return to an industry standard credit score on their credit report.

Our credit building solutions

Sustainable consumer
proposal exit loans

Intuitive software to build
credit scores

Financial goal setting
and strategy (coming soon)