Vancouver, BC. September 09, 2021 – Marble Financial Inc. (CSE: MRBL; OTC: MRBLF; FSE:2V0) (“Marble” or the “Company”), an AI-driven financial technology company that educates and helps consumers better understand and manage their current cash flow and credit towards a better financial future, is pleased to announce a licensing agreement with Konect Ai to supply over 50 automotive dealerships and their customers direct access through Marble Connect to Marble’s proprietary financial wellness platform, MyMarble.  

Connect is Marble’s new and innovative B2B white-label integration product that provides a customized, AI-driven personal finance solution that connects the MyMarble platform into the partner’s customer journey and product offering. It offers consumers their free credit score, financial health report, real-time plans, and recommendations to make a positive impact on their overall finances to gain access to their company’s financial products and services.

Konect Ai, a leader in automotive artificial intelligence lead scoring, integrates with over 50 automotive businesses across Canada to help validate and engage over 10,000 monthly customers looking to purchase a new or used vehicle. This is achieved through utilizing its technology to streamline and automate the sales process to maximize conversions and long-term customer advocacy. 

Statistics Canada recently reported a 25% increase in new car sales for June, 2021(1) , as well as data from Transunion showing that consumer credit inquiries rose over 5%(2). These positive numbers present a powerful growth projector for both Marble and Konect Ai as the demand for detailed insight on buying power and creditworthiness is more than ever critical during the customer journey. 

Marble Connect will automatically enroll all 10,000+ monthly customers coming through Konect Ai integrations into MyMarble to provide its automotive partners with a comprehensive financial overview and likelihood of approval using its proprietary risk scoring and analysis. Marble Connect will also aid in establishing long-term brand loyalty by empowering customers through MyMarble’s programs, guidance, and tools to achieve the credit score, debt, and budget targets required for approval or improved interest rates in the future.

“Our latest partnership with Konect Ai is going to completely transform how automotive businesses manage and nurture their customers to achieve their goal of car ownership through a personalized and premium experience, no matter their financial history,” says Doug Tanner, Marble’s VP of Business and Corporate Development. “We are extremely excited to be introducing Marble Connect with a fellow technology-focused leader and as we’ve witnessed at Marble the utilization of artificial intelligence is the most effective way to provide a quality and effective solution for our partners and customers, a goal that both Marble and Konect Ai aim to achieve, respectively.”  

“At Konect Ai, we are now working with over 50 automotive partners that collectively generate hundreds of thousands of new customers every year. We’ve discovered that many of their customers need some form of guidance and assuredness when it comes to their overall financial health,” says Paul Lehal, Konect Ai CTO. “Our latest engagement with Marble is extremely exciting for us. It now empowers our partners to continue to leverage Konect Ai’s industry-leading technology but now with the added value of real-time credit tools, education and help their clients improve their financial standing.” 

Under the terms of the agreement, Marble will receive monthly fees from Konect Ai for new customers that engage with the cobranded API solution through its dealership network. 

About Konect Ai. Over the past 10 years, we have developed our Konect Ai software and grown our team. Building something as a team teaches your employees to work together, collaborate, share, trust, and grow together. To this day we have put together the best team of custom coders, graphic designers, data collectors, management, content writers and content creators. We have had the time to study the markets and perfect the lead generation business. The software we have created has not only provided our clients with success, but it has also brought success to our incredible team.

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About Marble Financial Inc. (CSE: MRBL; OTC: MRBLF; FSE:2V0) Marbles’ proprietary MyMarble platform utilizes the power of machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence, in leveraging its proven data-driven strategies through technology solutions Inverite, Score-Up, Fast Track, Maestro and Connect to engage in and navigate a clear path towards financial wellbeing and a meaningful credit score, since 2016, Marble is proud to have empowered thousands of marginalized consumers to a positive financial future, and we continue to establish ourselves as leaders in financial wellness through the licensing of our proprietary products on the MyMarble Platform. 

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